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God Only Knows cover (The Beach Boys)

I present to you: “God Only Knows”, originally recorded by The Beach Boys, written by Brian Wilson and Tony Asher, recorded by me!

Paul McCartney has apparently called this “the greatest song ever written”—and that’s a fella who knows a thing or two about writing great songs. After spending countless hours with this piece, I appreciate its complexity so much more than I ever did before as I casually sang along since childhood. Even though I thought I knew it, once I tried to actually sing the tune alone, I realized how intricate the melody really is. It was difficult enough for me to pick out the various parts involved; to think of actually writing this in the first place!? Of channeling its genesis? It’s amazing to comprehend.

This all started back in October 2021. I was just singing along trying to pick out the different vocal parts. I got home and recorded a few tracks of myself singing for fun to see if I had got them right. Then I just kept listening, transcribing, and recording more layers and tracks until I realized I was going to end up doing the whole song 😆 And then of course there had to be a video created; that would be more fun to share than the audio alone!

Music recommendations

I’ve always enjoyed music—both making and listening/appreciating.

This playlist contains some songs I particularly enjoy. I update it from time to time, so feel free to follow the list and tell me if you really jive with any of them. Also, it should be noted that I love music recommendations. Feel free to send good tunes my way here.

An archive of all songs that have been on the playlist are aggregated on a separate playlist.

The End cover (The Beatles)

This was a fun way to cap off this year which, for me, was full of Beatlemania 🙂

I definitely got some help and inspiration from Rick Beato’s video breaking down the song. Thanks Rick and Tim! In fact—looking back, I wonder if watching his video is what sparked my deepened interest in The Beatles earlier this year.

Recorded, filmed, and edited on New Year’s Eve 2020.