Similar to an ‘about’ page, this page is here to let you know what projects I’m working on these days.  These projects are where I am prioritizing my time, energy, and focus.

  • I’m really getting into web design, programming, automation, etc. right now.  It fascinates me!  The coder’s mindset of problem solving and systemizing really jives with me.
  • Along with the first point, I’m currently building a website –  Not only will it become a source of passive income in the future, it’s also been a great sandbox for learning and experimenting with web design.
  • I just started reading The Inevitable, by Kevin Kelly, about technological forces shaping our future; and I’m listening to Mindset, by Carol Dweck, about fostering a learning-centric growth mindset in ourselves and those around us.  I’m also still working on Shantaram and Why Geography Matters: More Than Ever.
    • Writing this has reminded me of my original book list for the year; there are still 80 days left in this year, which means I can read all of those books if I complete one every 8 days.  An optimistic goal, to be sure, especially given my record so far this year, but it’s still possible.  When it really comes down to it, I’ll be happy if I’m simply spending time reading and learning, even if I don’t complete that specific list.  …nevertheless, it’s an interesting goal to reconsider, and reading that list again reminded me why I want to read them all.  Expect an update in a few months.
  • My wife and I recently launched a Kickstarter campaign.  It was funded in less than three days!  But there is still a lot to do as the campaign finishes and we plan for fulfillment and future sales, hence its inclusion in the /now.
  • We recently moved into a small rental home.  Very small.  I am spending time cleaning, organizing, and going through items for the sake of minimizing and simply for adapting to our new space.

Updated: October 2016

This page is inspired by the great idea from Derek Sivers.


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28. June 2016 by Andy
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