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This was the page at andyconlin.com/now, written in June 2016.  For the current version of the /now page, visit andyconlin.com/now.  For other iterations, see the archives.

Similar to an ‘about’ page, this page is here to let you know what projects I’m working on these days.

  • My wife and I just returned from our long-term honeymoon.  We spent almost three months in India, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives.  It was an amazing experience filled with lots of learning and friends.
  • Being back home, I am looking for a job, ideally one that is meaningful and engaging.
  • I’m looking forward to settling (though I hesitate using that word) into a place for a while.  I am investigating ways to be involved with the community, including volunteering and helping with a local Scout group.
  • I’m currently reading Shantaram and Why Geography Matters: More Than Ever.

Updated: June 2015 [I had this written as 2015 when it was live, but it was actually 2016 🙂 ]

This page is inspired by the great idea from Derek Sivers.

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I'm a geographer, traveler, blogger, lover not a fighter, and world enthusiast.

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