Horatio Hornblower

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When I met Ioan Gruffudd*

A collection of links, etc. concerning Horatio Hornblower

I’m a big fan of the Horatio Hornblower series from A&E (currently only $29.99 for the 8 disc box set!).  I’ve started reading the books as well.  Here are some fun links, etc. about the show.


Check out my blog, HeyGirlHoratio.tumblr.com


Here are some sweet ringtones I made with the Ringtone Designer app.  Audio files are from this awesome site that has some great HH content.  [note: these are .m4r files.  That is the format for iphone ringtones.  If you have another phone, feel free to download the original audio (from the afore mentioned awesome site) and use whatever app/system that will make it into a ringtone.]

ringtone (click to download)
text alert (click to download)

Once you’ve downloaded the files, drag them into itunes and they will be added to the “Tones” part of the library.  Make sure your phone syncs Tones (or you can manually move them onto your phone).  After that they should be available in the ‘sounds’ section of your phone’s settings.




*Ioan and I are making a Scout salute.  I learned of the Hornblower series while working at Scout camp.  Many of us on staff really enjoyed the series and so the pose here was especially significant (and fun) for me and my fellow staff.