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This was the page at andyconlin.com/now, written in December 2015.  For the current version of the /now page, visit andyconlin.com/now.  For other iterations, see the archives.

Similar to an ‘about’ page, this page is here to let you know what projects I’m working on these days.

  • I was recently married to an incredible woman and we are having fun setting up our new living space, getting rid of accumulated clutter, and planning future adventures.
  • We are planning some long-term travel, starting in India this spring!
  • I’m currently working at GotYourGear.com, shipping sweet items and making videos for Ultimate Hammocks.
  • On the side, I’m developing one of my business ideas (details forthcoming) that is just about ready to launch!  It’s exciting getting it to market and I’m looking forward to becoming financially independent.
  • My wife and I have been watching the first six Star Wars movies (chronologically) and it’s been fun to watch and understand the plot more thoroughly.
  • I’m currently reading Shantaram.  A trusted friend recommended it to me and, despite it being right up my alley, I had never heard of it.  In addition, I recently made a list of 10 books I want to read next year (and the list keeps growing, of course).

Updated: December 2015

This page is inspired by the great idea from Derek Sivers.

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