2018 Reading List

2017 Recap

During 2017, I read a bit more than recent years, thanks in large part to the reading program at Monumetric, where I was working for the first half of the year.  We read and discussed a different book each month and, as part of that, I listened to:


In addition, I continued to read/started:

2018 Reading List

I made this list because there were a bunch of titles in my head and I wanted to get them out and recorded in a clean fashion.  There is complete flexibility in changing titles as desired, but this gives a direction and a workable plan to follow.  Had I made this list 2 weeks ago, it would’ve been different; as long as I continue reading and making an effort to increase my reading above pervious years, I will be happy regardless of the titles chosen.

In no particular order:



A previous list: 10 Books for 2016

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