10 Books for 2016

I’m always wanting to read more, constantly adding to my list of books to read.  There is so much to learn and experience and books are a fine gateway to it.

These are the books I’m setting out to read in 2016.  Of course I’d like to read more than 10, but for now I’m sticking with this list.

Books I’ve read before

As Mr. Walker, my 11th grade English teacher, often said, “great books deserve to be read more than once.”  These are some of my favorites and I haven’t read them in a while.

  • Flatland: long-standing favorite book of mine
  • Jonathan Livingston Seagull: likely second place favorite.  a new version is available, which I’m looking forward to!
  • The Alchemist: a favorite of many, and one I remember enjoying several years back.  Deserves a reread as I head out on new adventures and quests during this phase of life.

New Books

That makes 10 books for the coming year, but of course I kept thinking of more I want to read.  Here are two more on the list.

  • How Proust Can Change Your Life: I feel smarter when reading Alain de Botton.  Even though I don’t know all the words he uses, it’s still accessible and I feel academically elevated (and encouraged) when reading.  (A Week at The Airport is a great, short read of his that I highly recommend for travel-y types.)
  • Thinking Fast and Slow: This looks to be an interesting read on the mind.



I started this list after hearing (again) the advice of a successful person who recommended (and practiced) a considerable reading habit.  I believe it was Bryan Johnson in an episode of The Tim Ferriss Show this time.  Thanks, Bryan!

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